Apr 17, 2014

I hope the people's verdict: Narendra Modi Interview

Gandhinagar: There is currently before the Court, they were still waiting for the decision of the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, in an interview with the news agency said. BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, told private ceytiniruvanat. Then he said, Gujarat riots and I was not calm. In the 2002-2007 period, India's most senior journalists answered questions. But the truth is that no one understands that. To contact me in trouble but some people involved in the conspiracy against me. Gujarat riots kortkalum rejected all of the charges against me.

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Apr 16, 2014

Assam train plunged into the lake: the safety of passengers is not alive?

Bangalore bus fire, drowned in a lake in the passenger train accident in Assam overnight bus accidents that have taken place in the succession, that none of the passengers traveling in the train of life has led to an unsafe situation has exposed the reality. 6 people were killed in the crash Bangalore corrupted body. Many more have been injured. Hundreds were injured in Assam train accident.

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Apr 9, 2014

Which country will win the king stood in the corner: Actress Khushboo 'Certificate'

Fed: ' Former Federal Minister Raja , the country 's standing in the corner , win, ' said the actress Khushboo said . Nilgiris DMK candidate supported the king , and spoke feeder actress Khushboo : the DMK , Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has been canceled regime brought in many good projects . , 's Record . In the 2011 election manifesto , ' cuts in state 3 will be corrected as' J. . , Said . The DMK was in power cuts are only a mere 2 hours , now increased to 16 hours .

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DMK to jail bird, the "Seats': Actress Vindhya 'Blast'

Karur : " " For those who have gone to jail , the DMK , the " seat " was issued . However , Digg , Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in the " seat " was presented , '' as the AIADMK . , chief spokesman , said the actress Vindhya . At a campaign rally in ramakavuntanur near Karur , Digg , candidate tampituraiyai supporting actress Vindhya spoke:For the past nine years the Cong . , The DMK party in the coalition , came out a year before . Until then, the state plans to kotukkavitamal , DMK , hindered .Bring electricity from the state of Gujarat , the DMK , having heard the speech , Cong . , The government used to prevent electrical pathway .

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Corruption, power cuts, TN on progress of the campaign, Vijayakanth charge

Karur : corruption , minvet progress in Tamil Nadu , '' the campaign accused Vijayakanth . Karur Lok Sabha constituency , DMDK , the candidate supported by Krishna , cinnatarapurat Karur district , the party leader Vijayakanth spoke: DMK - Digg , alternately comes to power , in Karur district , Government medical college , Government Engineering college has come . Exploit for you . In Tamil Nadu, water , electricity , health problem is high . Lies in the middle of the Modi -led regime , poratiya to solve this problem . Karur cayappattarai problem is unresolved . Mosquito net , javulittol nacintu to come , millions of workers lost their jobs .

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Apr 8, 2014

Modi sincerity elections issued

After coming to the Prime Minister in charge of me , I will focus on families ; anyone retribution , will not engage in any activity ; heart will not make any mistakes , as the BJP 's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said that sincerity . Yesterday in Delhi , lokacapa elections , BJP election manifesto launch took place . In that event , the party 's leader , Rajnath Singh , senior leader LK Advani , the leader of the group , and one of the senior leaders Murli Manohar Joshi , Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj in the presence of Modi sincerity and firmly spoke.

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Apr 7, 2014

Truth will come to light soon: Karunanidhi speech in Tirupur

tamil epaper, Tirupur : '' Soon after, the truth is coming to light . So far , the worship of whom are in thinking that incarnation , the incarnation of the ' makeup ' kalaiyappokiratu , '' said campaign meeting held at Tirupur , Karunanidhi said .DMK candidates Raja ( Nilgiris ) , kaneskumar ( Coimbatore ) , Palanisamy ( Pollachi ) , Senthil ( Tirupur ) , pavitravalli ( Erode ) and supported , Tirupur , uttukkuli Road , esarci , in the near promotional meeting , Karunanidhi.

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Vote bank politics treat? Congress., Leap over Narendra Modi

Aligarh : Vote bank politics , Congress , Samajwadi Party , in the name of secularism , Muslim people hold the wrong way , '' the BJP 's prime ministerial candidate , spoke to Narendra Modi .UP , in the state , Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav -led Samajwadi Party 's rule . Here in Aligarh , BJP candidate for prime minister , chief minister of Gujarat , Narendra Modi , BJP supported candidates , spoke yesterday .

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Apr 4, 2014

Halwa Political

Tamil Nadu BJP alliance , we are starting to form a new political relations . In Tamil Nadu , the party leaders praised the friendship , one that natantullanava leave one 's home , there is one memory , is a political tendency . However , the BJP , a party , seems to have been a change in the culture .Day before yesterday , when munmalai , at 4:00 pm , in kalinkappatti vaiko home.

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Please give me a chance to change the master volume

Gummidipundi : Tiruvalluvar in the first volume , to give the possibility to change the master volume , vici , Ravi Kumar , drive to collect candidate campaigns .Tiruvallur constituency , DMK , vici coalition candidate , the party 's candidate Ravi Kumar , yesterday in the open jeep , Gummidipundi of election campaigns , including the 31 Gram Panchayats . DMK , cutarcanan charge of the district , a former MLA , Venu , Tirupati Union trustee , key figures , including former Chairman had with Govindarajan .

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